Professor Longhair’s “Big Chief” arranged for banjo

I’m very excited to share my arrangement of the Professor Longhair classic “Big Chief.” This is the very first piano tune that I arranged for banjo and set me down the path of adapting blues and boogie for the 5 string. This can also be found in the March 2016 issue of The Banjo Newsletter.

Big Chief Transcription and Lesson

2 thoughts on “Professor Longhair’s “Big Chief” arranged for banjo

  1. rick nichols

    I really like the boogie woogie banjo thing, I’m of the opinion that anything can be played on the 5 string, not just bluegrass or folk , nothing against either one. ive been playing beatles music, a little bach, scott Joplin, and trying to figure out some blues riffs. now I’m workind on big chief, thanks



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